Cadore is a region of Northern Italy, 110 kms away from Venice, near the Austrian border and surrounded by the Alps. By end of XIX century, the Olivotti family founded the Gelateria Cadore, in which three generations of artisans worked between 1881 and 1949, nurturing and enlarging the family recipe book.

In the 50ยด these artisans emigrated to America and arrived to Argentina. In 1957 they established in the Corrientes Avenue, in the same shop that still treasures those delicious family recipes. There, they started to prepare the artisanal ice cream that would transform the little shop into one of the most traditional Gelaterias in Buenos Aires in a few years.

Visit Cadore, where the alchemy of the artisans, the cherished family recipes and the highest quality ingredients combine in a delicious, fresh and natural artisanal ice cream.